May 20, 2016

Well that was painful.


But I made it look so fun?

The picture above is taken before the CT scan. At that time I thought, “Well this is gonna be easy! I’m just passing through a hole!” But I tell you, it’s not easy at all!

Early in the morning my Dad drove from Cavite to San Juan, Manila just to have me scanned.

Why do I needed to be scanned, you ask?

Last month I had an operation  to remove a cyst from my tummy but the doctor couldn’t find it and so the operation wasn’t successful which leads to this.

So when we arrived the clinic, without breakfast or anything, the doctor asked me to drink a liter of water with mixed dye in it and by 8 we will start the scan. The dye was used to put contrast to the organs in my body so it will be easier to see.

At exactly 8 we started the scan. It was pretty easy at first because the machine tells you when to breathe in and to breathe out. As time goes on I start to feel the urge to pee because of all the water I drank and what’s worst is the machine was failing. The doctor needed to restart the machine and also restart the whole process. I was holding my waterfall for so long, my waist starts aching and then everything was aching! I feel like if I breathe in to much I might explode for reals! That was so painful. I really cried.

Then the doctor tried to inject another dye into my body but he had to put the needle inside my veins three times because my blood wouldn’t flow because the temperature was too cold! Geez! It hurt so bad!

Then we had the final scan. Thank God the machine worked and I thank my gall bladder for holding it in so long! After that I rushed into the comfort room and did my business!

The whole thing was oddly satisfying though. Bye!




Well that was fun!


It’s summer! So as usual I’M BORED! And when I’m bored I get my craft box and just start to play with it so I painted my room! Hihihi!

I painted dandelions and clouds and just practically had fun with it.

From this


To this


I think it’s cute! What do you think?


May 12, 2016
Another day to the hospital…


Apparently while I was trying to edit this post my phone decided to erase everything I wrote and delete all the pictures I put. Well now I have to rethink and rewrite everything. And the worst thing is I don’t have a copy of the other pics.

Why am I going to the hospital you ask?

It’s because last month I went on a surgery. And with my usual luck, it wasn’t successful. So we need to redo it. But we haven’t scheduled the next operation.

So on my way to the hospital, my Mom and I need to ride the Philippine National Railway. It’s not my first time riding it. But every time I do, I sure don’t like it!

The PNR is like a human version of canned sardines! Luckily, my Mom and I were able to sit before everybody else does. It was crowded, hot, and very sticky because of everyone’s sweat touching one another.

Not only that, but the train was very rackety! Not only the train itself but also the people inside it! There was this family that kept on shouting. They said that the other passengers kept leaning on them and pushing them. And they were with children so they had many to protect. Which is true!

Well, I realized that being a Filipino is very hard! Just imagine yourself riding that train everyday to school or work. It’s hard. It’s stressful! You enter the train fresh and ready for the day but as soon as you get out, you’ll look like a member of a Rugby Team. Haggard and fierce like a lion!

Then we went to Baclaran. I picked up some basic shirts with cat print on it. Each worth 55 Pesos and also some slippers worth 50 Pesos. I think they are so cute!


Whoo! What a long day! How about you? How’s your day? Tell me about it!
Talk to you soon! Bye.




May 9, 2016

I know I still don’t have the power to vote but I do care for our country and I have to speak my mind regarding the upcoming election.


We know we can not have the perfect president but we have so much more! We have a PERFECT GOD! So do not be afraid of whoever wins because God will find His way to protect our country from an undeserving president. Remember, our votes are powerful unless us people are useless. So let’s make use of ourselves. Let us start the change from us. Let’s do our part, not just by voting but by being the president you want for our country. It doesn’t matter if you are poor or weak or too young! Be one of the good examples of being a good Filipino or at least be the etcetera in the list. It doesn’t matter as long as you make yourself useful to our country. Do your best to be a FILIPINO. Trust GOD because our political party is HEAVEN.

Remember, GOD will always find a way!



May 9, 2016
      We love her just because we do.


What a nice day to celebrate Mother’s Day!


To start the day right we went to church to give thanks and glorify the Lord for giving me such an awesome Mom. 💙


Genesis 3
Eve means mother of all the living.
Eve literally means life.

These are the factors needed to be a MOM:

1. Maturity
Commitment to be a mother.
A christian mother must not give up.
1 Corinthians 15:58
Give yourself fully in the name if the lord.

2. Obligation
Mothers are not obligated to their family but also to God.
Titus 4:5
A mother will do it regardless of.

3. Tears of:

3. Home
Nothing defines home like a mother.
Composed of respect, safety, and satisfaction.

4. Empathy
A good mother has empathy because next to empathy is love and care.

5. Regret
A mother has lots of regret because she treasures every moment and doesn’t want to miss.

That is the lesson this Sunday and it made me realize how hard it is to be a mother and that’s why I appreciate my Mom so much! I love her! And I will always will.

Then we went to Army Navy for dinner. The food was really great! And I forgot to take a picture of the food we ordered, sorry about that. But, I took a photo of their trash can! Hhahah! It’s vintage so I couldn’t resist!


Then lastly we went to a nearby carnival. I was really excited because it’s my first time! It was very pretty! We tried the horror train! It was so lame just as I expected but we had fun because the kids were funny! Well it was a new experience for me and that’s always good! Right?








Sorry if the pictures are blurry. We intended to ride the bump car but it was still being fixed so sadly we can’t.

Our Mother’s day celebration was pretty fun! How did you spend yours? Tell me about it!

Next post will be a DIY so stay in touch! Love lots! 💙


MAY 1, 2016
    Well, summer has definitely arrived
This summer my parents decided that we should go for a vacation. Well it’s been a long time when we had our last outing with the family. I was really in need for a vacation cause it has been a tough year for me and my family. So we chose to go just out of town so it will be less the hassle and less the expenses.


We went to Berna Beach in Nasugbu, Batangas. The place was breathtaking! I couldn’t remember the 1st time I smelled the ocean air and the feeling of the soft hot sand being pressed by my foot steps. I felt excitement, joy and relief! I felt relieved because I thought that finally I was able to experience this again! Because when I was younger, our family always go to different beaches because of father’s work. We stayed in hotels every week that’s why I was used to be outdoors like beaches.


The first outfit I wore was a sky crop shirt with white polka dot from Genevieve Gozum and ombre shorts from my classmate.

The next outfit I wore was a white see through dress with ruffles in the bottom  forming a skirt. This dress was from a thrift shop and it only caused me 30 Pesos. And I was wearing the same shorts.


For lunch we went to this restaurant that looked like a villa. The place is so pretty. It had this province vibe with all the antique furniture, wooden doors, old lamps, huge fountains and beautiful plants. Importantly the food was really great! We ordered bangus, bulalo, and garlic shrimp. They were all very delicious but the bangus stood out because it was a little bit sweet and that was very odd but it was still tasty!



After lunch we road a motor boat so we could visit a nearby island and we were promised that there will be a cave and cliff diving but we were disappointed to see that there is no cliff diving and the cave was visited by many and it was very small. There were too many people and they already polluted the island. Also the island has no sheds to stay in so we practically stayed and burned under the sun. But at least the island had white sand and clear water.


And the last outfit I wore was a vintage top with checkered print and lace details by the wooden buttons and a pair of sky jeans from Divisoria and lastly, Ray ban sunglasses.


We all had a great day in Batangas and I hope that we won’t have to wait long for the next one.



Thank you for reading! I hope you’re also having a great summer! Tell me about it! Bye.