Keisha turns 18! :)

Did I just? Am i really? Whut? Is that even possible? Whut????


I think I just did! The birthday was Coachella/ Bohemian themed and my mother and I made all the decorations for the party. My sister hosted the event and it turned out pretty well for a tight budget. 🙂

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This is what the place looks like. Its pretty plain but its really cute.

My friends and old classmates arranged a surprise for me in this huge boxes.

When i opened it, balloons emerged out of the box filled with pictures and memories and at the bottom of the box were presents. They are really sweet and I am very lucky to have them. 🙂 ❤

They said that they didn’t prepared presents for me but I know deep inside my heart that they really love me so so much!

They are the best people ever! And they all have a really special place in my heart.

PS: I got no shoes cause I keep getting cramps from my heels.

And here is my last dance/ 18th rose. Which I didn’t expected but it kinda happened so yeah. 🙂

Muka akong homo erectus diyan pero hayaan mo na.

And that’s it! I am finally eighteen now. I feel old and awkward. But I just want you to know that I am very thankful for everything that has happened and will happen in my life! Specially to everyone I met for the past 18 years! I love you all! Thank you and God Bless!:)

Stolen Shots

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I hated you every time I heard your voice from a distant. You were somewhat annoying because you were loud. I remembered the first time we talked. We were riding the same jeep on the way home. Tapos tinawag mo ko, “Ate! Ate! Ate Ganda!”. And finally you caught my attention cause I was wearing earphones so I didn’t noticed that you were calling me. And you said, “kailangan talaga may GANDA eh no!”  And I smiled. “Paabot daw ng bayad ni lola” you said. Natawa na lang ako. Haha!

Days passed, we rode the same ride going home so we had the chance to talk and get to know each other. Nabanggit mo lovelife mo na may girlfriend ka na mas maliit pa saken. Natawa na lang ako kase parang nag-iimbento ka lang ng kwento. Tapos ayaw mo nang gulay, crunchy at makatas na food.  Tapos nililibre mo ko lagi ng mais pero dahil may dugong buraot ako kaya di ako nahiyang umOO, slight lang haha. You told me na taga Pascam ka and I said “ang layo naman bakit sa ICA ka nag-aral?” Sabi mo naman, “wala kasing magandang school samen eh.” Sobrang dami kong nalaman sayo dahil iisang jeep lang yung sinasakyan natin hanggang nasanay na tayo na lagi na tayong magksabay. And I thought to myself na you were not as bad as I thought you were. Normal ka naman pag tayong dalawa lang sadyang abnormal ka lang talaga pag nasa classroom tayo. Hhahaha!

Tapos na link ka sa isa nating mga classmate, malandi ka kase hahahah! Inaasar pa namin kayo. Hahaha! kaso binusted ka. Sarrreehhh!

Then one day our seats were arranged. And naging seat mate kita. And araw araw lang tayong nag-iingay, nagtatalo, kung di naman eh tulog. Ganon lang yung gawain natin sa likod eh hahaha! Tapos finally narelease na ang Pokemon Go sa Pinas grabe naadict tayo don, nilibot pa natin buong tierra para lang don ahhahah! kaso nasira phone ko kaya ikaw na lang sadlayf. 😦 Ano ba yan seatmate na nga kita kasabay pa kita pauwi. Nkakaumay na ha! hahahha! char.

07/16/2016 First time naten tumambay kala Ana hahah! wala lang ang saya non. 🙂

07/28/2016 Tumambay tayo kila Xed and we discovered our love for PUGS<3. Then sa                                    jeep, Usapang madrama tayo sa isa’t isa and it was amazing. 🙂

Then, 08/08/2016. Birthday mo. Di kita niregaluhan haha! Di nga rin ata kita binati. wala lang saken. hahahah! Tapos niyaya mo ko manood ng sine kaso wala kaming net kaya di ako nakapagreply na payag ako so sadlayf nanood ka ng sine mag isa. Kawawa eh hahha!

08/12/2016 🙂

08/20/2016 😦

08/30/2016 first time in the theaters with you. 🙂 kaso ilang beses mo ko sinbihan ng                                    panget 😦 eh pangit ka rin naman. -_-

08/31/2016 First time kila Tups. First eye contact na literal na eye contact. Di ko kinaya yon                        hahah! >///<. Wrestlingin banaman ako!

We had our first conflict/misunderstanding. We were so immature and everything has no sense at all. And I was pissed af. Pero nagkabati ren tayo kahit medyo awkward nung una.

09/03/2016 Pinilit mo ko sumali ng volleyball. Leshugash wala kong talent don! Hahaha!

09/06/2016 “Tropa tayo eh diba?!” 😦

09/11/2016 Bwiset! Bwiset ka! Grrrrrrr! Asar nakakapanggigil! 😡

09/13/2016 napagkamalan nanaman

09/16/2016 mga tanungan ni manong driver sa jeep, “magjowa ba kayo?”

October 😥 😦 :\ 😐 🙂 😥 mixed emotions da ef. In the state of making it clear to myself that we do not have anything between us.

10/14/2016 ❤ HH

10/16/2016 Sleep over ❤ I just couldn’t handle everything. It was like my heart was about to pop. *suntok sa buwan*

10/17/2016 “Sorry” :\ “okay”

10/18/2016 “Sorry” 😦 “Sorry din” hahhaha! sili pa more.

10/19/2016 ngayon lang tayo ulit nakapagkwentuhan and i think it was lovely.

I think it’s clear that as the days pass, I have grown to like you. But you don’t know that. And I don’t know how you feel about me. But we’ll see. Eventually.

A very late post

A little bit of anxiety was surrounding me when I was riding the jeep going to school. It was the first day of Senior High, and everything was new to me. New environment, new school, new people, and maybe a new me?

That’s what I thought at first, but as the days cross out, I felt a bit more comfortable. I made friends but not with everybody yet. Everyone was still adjusting because we were all driven out of our comfort zones. Even me, I still miss my old school specially my friends. For straight ten years we have been together, I am sure we weren’t just classmates, we were a family. But h=the fact that we know we will never see the same faces again regularly, kinda leaves an empty space in my heart. But we all need to move forward because change is unavoidable. That’s the truth and the truth should be accepted.

The first few weeks were fun because of the getting to know stage. I was amazed by how good the teachers teach specially in mathematics. But as the days pass by, the lessons were starting to get complicated and the midterms exams are just around the corner so I should probably start studying. I hope to become more comfortable with my new school. Wish me good luck!



May 9, 2016

I know I still don’t have the power to vote but I do care for our country and I have to speak my mind regarding the upcoming election.


We know we can not have the perfect president but we have so much more! We have a PERFECT GOD! So do not be afraid of whoever wins because God will find His way to protect our country from an undeserving president. Remember, our votes are powerful unless us people are useless. So let’s make use of ourselves. Let us start the change from us. Let’s do our part, not just by voting but by being the president you want for our country. It doesn’t matter if you are poor or weak or too young! Be one of the good examples of being a good Filipino or at least be the etcetera in the list. It doesn’t matter as long as you make yourself useful to our country. Do your best to be a FILIPINO. Trust GOD because our political party is HEAVEN.

Remember, GOD will always find a way!