Kuya Kurv’s Birthday

September 19, 2016    Tagaytay SMDC

Well I posted this very late, I was too caught up by my life and forgot that I have a blog that no one reads ahhaha!

So for my brother’s birthday we stayed in SMDC and just chilled with the family. I don’t know his age and I’m not too bothered to ask him so I just go along, after all that’s what siblings do. Hehe!

We went to bag of beans to buy some snacks so I had the opportunity to take pics. They had a very cozy vibe and the inn is cabin inspired. And once you get in the aroma is just wonderful because of all the bread and fresh morning air.



After that, we drove to the condo.IMG_4077.JPGIMG_4092.JPGIMG_4095.JPG

The view was amazing ❤IMG_4127.JPG


Me and my sisters



We just ate snacks and watched movies all day. And by night, we went to Josephine’s for dinner


Sky ranch at night.IMG_4428.JPG



I met this adorable Shiatsu named Jazz ❤


Before going to sleep we played pictionary and almost had a fight about it. Typical Manalos.

And by morning I sticked my feet out of the window to feel the fog. Hahah! Dameng alam


and before going home we stopped by culottes for pasalubong. 🙂


So here’s a pic of the weird family hahaah!


mkay byeeeee!



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