A very late post

A little bit of anxiety was surrounding me when I was riding the jeep going to school. It was the first day of Senior High, and everything was new to me. New environment, new school, new people, and maybe a new me?

That’s what I thought at first, but as the days cross out, I felt a bit more comfortable. I made friends but not with everybody yet. Everyone was still adjusting because we were all driven out of our comfort zones. Even me, I still miss my old school specially my friends. For straight ten years we have been together, I am sure we weren’t just classmates, we were a family. But h=the fact that we know we will never see the same faces again regularly, kinda leaves an empty space in my heart. But we all need to move forward because change is unavoidable. That’s the truth and the truth should be accepted.

The first few weeks were fun because of the getting to know stage. I was amazed by how good the teachers teach specially in mathematics. But as the days pass by, the lessons were starting to get complicated and the midterms exams are just around the corner so I should probably start studying. I hope to become more comfortable with my new school. Wish me good luck!



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