May 23, 2016
What a fail.


So lately this DIY charcoal mask has been spreading out the YouTube world way too fast and me being a curious little fella I decided to try it out!

As I’ve seen in videos of Tiffany Ma and other youtubers, the mask has only 2 really easy to get ingredients which are charcoal and glue. Didn’t see that coming.


So I got a piece of charcoal and started smashing it into tiny little pieces. The instruction is to grind it until you get fine powder consistency but I didn’t achieved the right consistency no matter how long I smash the spirit out of that charcoal so whatever. 



Then I put glue in a bowl then mixed in the charcoal. Then my mind just decided, why not add a little bit of water? So I did. Then I continued mixing.

And finally I can test the mask on my face! As I was putting it on it doesn’t feel sticky but I kept going. Then later on I can feel the solution is dripping to my eyes, then my lips, then down to my white shirt! And I practically looked like I washed my face with sewer juice. But whatever.



Then I went in front of a fan to let the mask dry for a good 10 minutes but guess what, it won’t dry! Then I thought to myself, I wasted my time and effort if I could just practically buy a real face mask. But what would happen if I didn’t put in water? Maybe I did it wrong?

I don’t know if I would try that again but if I do, I’ll let you know. Bye!


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