May 20, 2016

Well that was painful.


But I made it look so fun?

The picture above is taken before the CT scan. At that time I thought, “Well this is gonna be easy! I’m just passing through a hole!” But I tell you, it’s not easy at all!

Early in the morning my Dad drove from Cavite to San Juan, Manila just to have me scanned.

Why do I needed to be scanned, you ask?

Last month I had an operation  to remove a cyst from my tummy but the doctor couldn’t find it and so the operation wasn’t successful which leads to this.

So when we arrived the clinic, without breakfast or anything, the doctor asked me to drink a liter of water with mixed dye in it and by 8 we will start the scan. The dye was used to put contrast to the organs in my body so it will be easier to see.

At exactly 8 we started the scan. It was pretty easy at first because the machine tells you when to breathe in and to breathe out. As time goes on I start to feel the urge to pee because of all the water I drank and what’s worst is the machine was failing. The doctor needed to restart the machine and also restart the whole process. I was holding my waterfall for so long, my waist starts aching and then everything was aching! I feel like if I breathe in to much I might explode for reals! That was so painful. I really cried.

Then the doctor tried to inject another dye into my body but he had to put the needle inside my veins three times because my blood wouldn’t flow because the temperature was too cold! Geez! It hurt so bad!

Then we had the final scan. Thank God the machine worked and I thank my gall bladder for holding it in so long! After that I rushed into the comfort room and did my business!

The whole thing was oddly satisfying though. Bye!



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