May 12, 2016
Another day to the hospital…


Apparently while I was trying to edit this post my phone decided to erase everything I wrote and delete all the pictures I put. Well now I have to rethink and rewrite everything. And the worst thing is I don’t have a copy of the other pics.

Why am I going to the hospital you ask?

It’s because last month I went on a surgery. And with my usual luck, it wasn’t successful. So we need to redo it. But we haven’t scheduled the next operation.

So on my way to the hospital, my Mom and I need to ride the Philippine National Railway. It’s not my first time riding it. But every time I do, I sure don’t like it!

The PNR is like a human version of canned sardines! Luckily, my Mom and I were able to sit before everybody else does. It was crowded, hot, and very sticky because of everyone’s sweat touching one another.

Not only that, but the train was very rackety! Not only the train itself but also the people inside it! There was this family that kept on shouting. They said that the other passengers kept leaning on them and pushing them. And they were with children so they had many to protect. Which is true!

Well, I realized that being a Filipino is very hard! Just imagine yourself riding that train everyday to school or work. It’s hard. It’s stressful! You enter the train fresh and ready for the day but as soon as you get out, you’ll look like a member of a Rugby Team. Haggard and fierce like a lion!

Then we went to Baclaran. I picked up some basic shirts with cat print on it. Each worth 55 Pesos and also some slippers worth 50 Pesos. I think they are so cute!


Whoo! What a long day! How about you? How’s your day? Tell me about it!
Talk to you soon! Bye.




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