May 9, 2016

I know I still don’t have the power to vote but I do care for our country and I have to speak my mind regarding the upcoming election.


We know we can not have the perfect president but we have so much more! We have a PERFECT GOD! So do not be afraid of whoever wins because God will find His way to protect our country from an undeserving president. Remember, our votes are powerful unless us people are useless. So let’s make use of ourselves. Let us start the change from us. Let’s do our part, not just by voting but by being the president you want for our country. It doesn’t matter if you are poor or weak or too young! Be one of the good examples of being a good Filipino or at least be the etcetera in the list. It doesn’t matter as long as you make yourself useful to our country. Do your best to be a FILIPINO. Trust GOD because our political party is HEAVEN.

Remember, GOD will always find a way!



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