May 9, 2016
      We love her just because we do.


What a nice day to celebrate Mother’s Day!


To start the day right we went to church to give thanks and glorify the Lord for giving me such an awesome Mom. 💙


Genesis 3
Eve means mother of all the living.
Eve literally means life.

These are the factors needed to be a MOM:

1. Maturity
Commitment to be a mother.
A christian mother must not give up.
1 Corinthians 15:58
Give yourself fully in the name if the lord.

2. Obligation
Mothers are not obligated to their family but also to God.
Titus 4:5
A mother will do it regardless of.

3. Tears of:

3. Home
Nothing defines home like a mother.
Composed of respect, safety, and satisfaction.

4. Empathy
A good mother has empathy because next to empathy is love and care.

5. Regret
A mother has lots of regret because she treasures every moment and doesn’t want to miss.

That is the lesson this Sunday and it made me realize how hard it is to be a mother and that’s why I appreciate my Mom so much! I love her! And I will always will.

Then we went to Army Navy for dinner. The food was really great! And I forgot to take a picture of the food we ordered, sorry about that. But, I took a photo of their trash can! Hhahah! It’s vintage so I couldn’t resist!


Then lastly we went to a nearby carnival. I was really excited because it’s my first time! It was very pretty! We tried the horror train! It was so lame just as I expected but we had fun because the kids were funny! Well it was a new experience for me and that’s always good! Right?








Sorry if the pictures are blurry. We intended to ride the bump car but it was still being fixed so sadly we can’t.

Our Mother’s day celebration was pretty fun! How did you spend yours? Tell me about it!

Next post will be a DIY so stay in touch! Love lots! 💙


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